Howard L Hughes

Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Music Producer

Check out A.R.T.’s NEW Video for “Born To Kill” off his album “I Hate Rappers”! It is inspired by Quentin Tarantino films “Reservoir Dogs” and “Fiction”. The record is produced by Dirty Joker and is filmed by Howard L. Hughes.

A special thank you to everyone involved with assisting to put this visual together. Thank you Dayna, Russ, Steve, Dirty Joker, Prestige, Jade, Willz, Charlie Tanqueray, Kayla, Front Page and Ace Alexander. A very special thank you to Gold Roc Diner and its management and staff for allowing us to dine and film in their establishment. They were a big help in allowing us to complete this project.

A.R.T. – Born to Kill

This is the first single from the female-led live reggae band, BLACK as COLE. It is a romantically-themed neo-soul twist on reggae which depicts the story of a young lady who fell in love with a musician at first sight. She imagined a wonderful life with him with the hopes that her dreams would become a reality.

BLACK as COLE – Musical Romance [Official Video HD]